Thursday, January 5, 2012

   W I T T Y 
g e m sj e w e l s,  and t r e a s u r e s-

Embarking on a new hobby! The number one thing I lack in my wardrobe is JEWELRY and the main reason is because I can never find any that I like! Of course if I do find anything its out of my price range or just cheapy bad quality, so I thought heck i'll make it myself! I am branching the name off of Witty Interior and plan on setting up my Etsy shop as soon as i get enough pieces in my inventory. I'll keep you posted! But heres a teaser of things to come..

Citrine and Amethst Gem stone on gold-fill dainty chain.
 Raw crystal on a sterling silver dainty chain

 Emerald green looking glass on brass chain
 Burnt orange Navajo bib necklace on gold-fill wire

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