Saturday, September 3, 2011

Broke students can live in style too!

When Emily first asked me for help her room was cluttered, chaotic, messy, and down right dirty. She's a busy student who doesn't have a lot of spare change or time to invest in a room makeover. With a budget of only $400 our goal was to create a space that was clean, minimal, organized, and calm. For my inspiration I used a really cool cowboy portrait that Emily had bought years ago. I also fell in love with the very graphic wall stencil and decided to go with the kind of western/ Navajo vibe.




$175-Paint and supplies
$25- Plants
$80-Book Shelf
$20-Under bed shoe storage and closet storage
$100- Accessories 


My main goal was to save money on as much as possible so a lot of things I used we either found around the house or repainted. 

I ditched the red, and went with a shiny new coat of white paint which in my opinion never goes out of style. The real difference is de-cluttering, it isn't easy for everyone but it really polishes a room to get rid of the things you don't use daily to just the bare necessities. Since she is a student it was really important to make sure she had a good school desk and all her school books on hand. I painted her existing desk a neutral black to tie in with the rest of the furniture. I also painted her door with chalk board paint which is convenient for writing down notes, schedules, or homework assignments. Since her room is pretty small I also incorporated a small western stool for her to be able to set down anything she may need by her bed. 

Overall, Emily was very pleased,  and all the hours of painting paid off!

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  1. You did a great job! Just removing the red and the clutter would have made a great before/after pic, but I love the little details you added to make it feel interesting and current. :)